See What happens After Anambra State Close Eke Awka Market

Eke awka market is one of the major markets in Anambra state after the mention Onitsha main market,

because of corona virus pandemic Eke awka was formally closed together with the 64 markets around the state of anambra during the nation lockdown, Recently the government of Anambra state has taken action to reopen all the market in the state with a condition of keeping the corona virus protocols

Covid19 protocols are traders wearing of face mask, provision of hand sanitizer and bucket of water with soap for customers to wash their hands and also keeping the rules of social distances.

Eke awka traders has failed to keep to the government rules regarding corona virus protocols and hence the governor of the state has taken action to close eke awka market for the second time

these closure of eke awka market has affected many individual.


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