42 year old has been hacked in Oyo state

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  1. A 42-year-old woman, identified as Mrs Olusayo Fagbemi, has been hacked to Mrs right in front of her house in Sasa, Ojo’o area in Akinyele Local Government Area, Ibadan, Oyo state on Wednesday, June 24.

This incident comes barely 2 days after a 5-year-old boy was hacked to death by yet-to-be-identified persons in the same Akinyele local government area. these same area has been very hot these past few weeks, many people are getting killed and robbed and even been raped, so far there have been over 5 people killed for no reason or traces, recall that this was the same Local Government Area where they killed an OND and PhD students weeks ago.

According to reports, Mrs Fagbemi was said to be doing her laundry right in front of her house when her husband heard a cry for help from her. He rushed out only to find her with several machete cuts and in a pool of her blood. when he came outside his house he couldn’t find anybody but his wife lying in a pool of blood he was shocked at the scene and he tried to look for them but I couldn’t find anybody at the place of the crime.

He rushed her to the hospital where she was confirmed dead on arrival. The hospital couldn’t have done anything because she has lost so much blood, and before they could even get a proper transport to take her to the hospital was another waste of time, the cries of the family and the community as a whole on the current killing and raping of their people within this lockdown has been very high, it’s like a ghost is going around killing people as one user said on her Facebook post where she called out the government of Oyo to please come to their rescue before it’s too late for them, or before the damage done will cause a chaos in the local government.

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of the Oyo State Police Command, Mr Fadeyi corroborated the incident and said efforts are being made to get the criminals arrested. This local government area located in Oyo state has been having this particular crisis since last month when a student was raped and killed in her apartment, there have been no traces of anybody going around killing people, the police are trying to get all the information they could on the suspect but they could not find any.

This incident comes weeks after three females, Grace Oshiagwu, Barakat Bello, and Azeezat Shomuyiwa, were killed by unidentified persons in the same local government area. it’s high time the government of the state intervene to this tuition it is becoming an alarming incident. All of the victims who have been killed so far were being brutalized with a machete, some were killed in their house, while some on the road to their house.
Three rape and murder case so far have been reported to the police station in the same Local Government area.

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