Abusive husband breaks the arm of a lady who tried to stop him from beating his wife



A woman has claimed that she has brutally been beaten by an abusive husband because she tried to stop the man from beating his wife.
The lady Mogbonjubola Awofolu took to Instagram to share photos of her broken hands, she revealed that the man’s wife and children were in her house when the man, named Tobi, came in and tried to beat his wife.
Mogbonjubola also revealed that the wife of the man happens to be her goddaughter so she tried to intervene but the man beat her instead and then boasted that he will get away with it, according to her she had also made complaints to a police station in ikorodu to report the incident the following day but found the man chatting with officers. Afterward, he called her to make fun of her that she will never get the justice she so desires.

she went on to Instagram to share her pains and how she was neglected by Justice.

On Friday 19th of June 2020 , A particular guy named Tobi came to my house to beat up his wife in my house, precisely my room.

The wife is my goddaughter and that wasn’t her first time of coming to my house with his consent even with their children, throughout the lockdown for 2month his wife and children was in my house, on that faithful day he said she was rude to her and she wanted to discipline her.

I told him it can’t be in my house and presence that you will be beating your wife even if you have been doing that.the next thing I saw was that he carried my dressing mirror stool and told me if I interfere that he was going to do what I won’t like to me.

The next thing I saw was that he threw it at me and my wrist got broken and he still wasn’t remorseful he had to kick that same hand with his legs again.

People inside were telling him to look at me that being injured he said he cares less, instead of him begging he was bragging that his a cultist and he can kill me.

I told him I will get him arrested and he did if it’s in ikorodu I can’t get justice.

I got my self treated and the next day which was on a Saturday I went to report at Igbogbo police station and he was already there bribing a particular policewoman named bukky and they only told me to write a statement and gave me a paper to take to the hospital.

The atmosphere at the station was bad because he knows them there .when he left the station he called me again to tell me hasn’t told me I won’t get justice. now haven’t slept for 3days am in serious pain .he now dropped 12k for a lady that I should go and treat my self which I told the lady I won’t collect that all I want is justice.

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