Actress Jameela critizes Kim K for showing off unnaturally and harmful beauty tips

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Hollywood Actress Jameela Jamil who is also an activist has been known to criticize the Kardashian/Jenner sisters for their products which according to her ”promote things that influence women to aspire to unhealthy standards of beauty.”

Kim Kardashian recently shared a questionable video where she cinched her waist unnaturally through the use of a very tight corset. Which is not a good thing for a lady as proven by some sets of Scientist

People began tagging Jameela to the video and mailed her messages to address it and she did. She has always stood for what is right when it comes to beauty tricks.

Sharing a screenshot from Kim’s video Jamil spoke out against ideological beauty standards that are strengthened and perpetuated by the patriarchy.

She wrote: “I’ve received over 1000 DMs asking me to deal with this. The reason I didn’t jump on it instantly isn’t because I don’t think the post was inimical and disappointing. I do.
It’s because of the validity that you’re all messaging me about it, shows my work is done. I haven’t been trying to cancel Kim K. I was always trying to arm YOU with the knowledge to understand for YOURSELVES that this is a bullshit intention of women, expanded by the patriarchy. If YOU know that it’s complicated, reductive, and inconsistent for her to execute such a heavily impossible beauty standard to her impressionable fans… then you’re empowered and aware and don’t need me.

“Kim, like many of us, has had decades of body image issues and enthusiasm. This has been HEAVILY eternalizing by how much the media evaluated her and her sisters over their appearances. She isn’t actively trying to harm you. She’s just so harmed and betrayed into thinking this is what SHE needs to look like to be special and beautiful and she’s rolling it out onto her following. Is this wrong? YES. But I’m not sure she realizes that she’s performing to others what her idols did to her, in giving rise to her think a tiny waist is the key to femininity and sexual allure. We grew up in the era of Heroin Chic, where we were told you HAD to look like an addict starving to death, so to go from being molested about your body by the world? This toxicity from someone who is reasonable and knows better is a sign that this is harm she can’t stop doing.

“So there’s no point in crying out at her. The smart thing to do is to insure YOURSELF. YOU have the power. YOU control every Market. YOU choose what and who is trendy. Unfollow the people who tell you stuff that hurt your self-esteem. Don’t let the residue of their damage spill out onto you. Unfollow people/brands that don’t make you feel powerful and happy and thankful for what you have.

“You’re the boss and none of them are shit without you.


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