Annie idibia tell how she fall in love with a music legend


My Love Story
So many people are asking how and where I met the love of my life .Annie is a woman with a heart of gold ,I met her during our primary school days .back in benue state .I was a young little growing boy .I and Annie happen to live in same street in benue state .though we were not compatible .she seems never to like me at all ,one of my friend happen to be her very good friend and a family friend .so I tried using his influence to get Annie and make her my friend also but it never worked for me . meanwhile before my parents changed my school to the same school Annie is attending. My two close friend was like bro your wife will be very happy seen you in the same school with her .so my first day in school was very nice and full of fun .I met with àlot of friends.
So after my first week in school I tried meeting with Annie but she never gave me the opportunity and chance to be close to her because she sees me as a naughty and serious guy .so after our primary school we graduated to secondary school level where I and Annie happen to be in same class .I thought that it’s an avenue for me to be very close to her because she is an intelligent girl .she do take first position .so one day the school was to go for a competition which I and Annie were to represent the whole school .I was excited and overwhelmed with joy .so after the competition we won ,she was happy and she almost dropped the bad energy aside .we laughed and played all through that week .my two friends was shocked seen the most worst enemy together was thier greatest surprise .so it happens that one day I was sitting under an umbrella tree in the school premises she sighted me and got jealous .she never talked to me or answer to any of my greetings for almost a month .I tried finding out what the matter really was but she couldn’t open up to me .so one day one of my class mate walk up to me and was like ,what is happening between you and Annie .I was like how do u mean ? He said to me that he overhead her telling her friends about me that she is begining to like me alot which made her to get jealous any time she sees me with another girl .so during the recreation hours .I walk up to her and was wondering why she was sited alone and feeling lonely .I felt really bad and started begging her to forgive me she finally did and I was happy. So when we got to SS1 she changed school .which hitted me so hard but yet we were more than good lovers .
When I got admitted to institute of management and technology enugu .she single handedly paid all my school fees because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for my school fees .most of my friends were jealous some of them tired breaking us up but the bond and love was inseparable .so the extent that they feel I used charm on her or even love portion but little do they know that it was just pure love .

So when I planned going into the music industry she never wanted it .but with time she realized that I’m more passionate and serious about it ,she gave in to it ,she supported me in all way she could ,she prayed for me . gives me money for my studio section .even before I teamed up with Plantation boys .I was working on myself alone .Annie never gave up on me despite everything that happened which I can’t mention here .she was there for me during thick and thin .she was a God sent ,my destiny helper and my everything .
Most people wonder what she saw in me or rather what I saw in her but they forget to know that every woman has a man she would help in her life .
Like wise girls of this days that always wants a man they will milk or probably a man that is already made .some girls of this days are totally something else .but let me not stick to that .Annie was a special kind of person and world best women .in my next world she will be my wife and my everything

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