Davido called a fan fool for doubting his Corona virus experience


Many people think that Corona virus is not real ,bit I want to let you people understand that this pademic is real and I am a leaving witness .
Let me take you back to what really happened ,I and my fiance chioma adeleke travelled to united State of America ,with the outbreak of Corona everywhere was lockdown ,some part of USA was totally shutdown ,no movement ,no business , though before the incident occurred ,I never knew that my wife is already a victim .so it happened that after some weeks .my wife discovered that she is having some abnormality in breathing
We have to call in our family doctor who ran a test on her and confirm that she is positive .I was afraid that maybe my son ifeanyi adeleke and imade adeleke and other members of the family must have been a victim too .I had to take all of my family to check up . Thanks to God it turned out that we were all negative
Though before then ,I started hearing some false rumor that all my family members were infected with the deadly Corona virus which really made me feel bad ,so I had to take on my social media handles to tell the world at large that it’s only my wife that was infected . though few believe and few didn’t.
To my greatest surprised some of the DMW crew was unable to come around my home ,with the fear that they may contact the disease ,I had to put call through to all of them to tell them what’s really going on .
After some weeks my wife regained her health but still yet there are so many fear because this virus is a very deadly one .let me through a bit light on what the virus does
When you contact the virus ,it will start by not allowing you breath freely .it will hinder you from eating or swallowing anything .you body system will automatically change .making it difficult for you to breath well .
This pademic destroys the lungs ,it does alot of harm to human respiratory system or organ .
I really want to pass this message across to those that think this pademic is not real .my brethren this is more than real ,

  1. Especially to those that feel it’s just a stunt to make the world shake .let me tell you something you must know .
    How do you ever feel or think that people in power and in higher authorities will accept such play .
    Concerning to what I hear some people say that it’s not real ,it’s just a play and a game to make the world shake .but let me ask you this minor question .who will ever accept to be imprisoned for no just reason .I call it imprisonment because , keeping someone inside the house and restrictions of movement is an imprisonment ,so now tell me
    Who on earth will accept such punishment and tuture ,even if you are offered a million dollar to do such you will not accept it .it’s a total nonsense .
    My main concern are our brothers and sisters that follow the trend that Corona virus is not real , because most of them are mislead and most of them lack knowledge .this country needs total enlightenment because most of us don’t know our left and right which is very anathema .we know that the economy is not well balanced and stable but we should not use that as an avenue to mess things up the way we are going now
    A fan by name Francis Jacob doubted that chioma was not positive .I called him a total fool and a demented idiot for saying that . meanwhile I might be harsh on him but I hate it when people don’t respect the fact that they are been mislead .this country needs restoration because we are lacking knowledge and experience . understanding is another problem this country have .they don’t take things serious .until it gets out of control.
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