DPR seals off 15 illegal gas outlets in Kogi


The Department of oil Resources, DPR, on Thursday stirred heavily against persons dealing illicitly within the sales of domestic gas in Kogi State, waterproofing off fifteen retail gas retailers within the method.

The operators of the retailers were after inactive and two-handed over to men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence, NSCDC UN agency were a part of the special committee started to travel around the Lokoja metropolis.

Speaking throughout the raid, the Chief in operation officer, Idris Muhammad aforesaid that the raid became necessary in sight of the proliferation of stores sited during a residential areas, that run contrary to the security rules ordered down by the DPR.

He aforesaid that the affected retailers have refused to heed to the continual calls on them to approach DPR to get necessary pointers for in operation stores.

Mohammed represented citing stores during a territorial dominion as a time bomb which will explode at any time if not desperately addressed .

“We have repeatedly known as on the affected retailers to go to U.S.A. to get necessary info and pointers on what they have to try to to to qualify them to work gas stores however they need refused, we have a tendency to even have some cases of these retailers we’ve got sealed before however currently in operation in violation of the foundations.

“This may be a time bomb; ANy incidence in these residential and industrial areas can have an unendurable result. we have a tendency to don’t wish to attend for catastrophe to occurred.

“The sale of gas, NPG in residential areas like this may end in the poison of the atmosphere. there’s immense risks within the cylinder to cylinder sale of gas; it will cause inferno and people within the resident are going to be badly affected.”

The Chief in operation officer aforesaid that the affected retailers are two-handed over to the NSCDC for identification and prosecution when investigation.

He but known as on customers to prevent condescending that mistreatment cylinder – to -Cylinder sale; whereas urging the regime to produce a stronger atmosphere which will become a cluster business website for those within the gas business to work from.




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