Federal Government Reveals How Much Was Spent On Polio Eradication’

The Chairman of the  National Polioplus Committee of Rotary International Dr Tunji Funsho revealed that over  $17billion was spent to eradicate polio in Nigeria.

Funsho said Rotary International alone, committed $2.2billion, and expended $298m in 15 years, to combat and eradicate the deadly wild poliovirus in Nigeria.

This is coming as Nigeria is set to join three other African countries – Cameroon, Central African Republic, and South Sudan – to get a WPV-free certification by the Africa Regional Certification Commission (ARCC)

He, however, said more needs to be done concerning routine immunisation, as a handful of states were still under-performing in this respect.

In an interview in Abuja, he said:

“When we’re talking about funding, we have surpassed our deadline of the year 2000; we have gone another 20 years and that has its attendant costs which has increased the cost of this effort to almost $19bn and still counting because we have not eradicated polio from the world.

“Rotary has spent at least $2.2bn out of the $17bn on polio eradication worldwide. In Nigeria alone, in the last 15 years, we have expended about $298 million on the programme and we expect that we will still need some funds.


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    1. With what they said that is not over yet that they will need more funds.i think that the only our government need to now is to support with more billions of naira. But let them manage the money well

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