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  1. Talking about indoor earing is a good platform where you make your money everyday and again you make friends you chat with friends all over the world and their code is cheap #2,500 and very soon their app will be out both on Apple store and play store is a good site that is all I know and again please don’t forget that indoor earing is the only business you can start with the capital of 2,500. But their service charge each withdraw you made is too much let them try and reduce it small just small.

  2. Indoor earning is one of the best online platform to make money without a much stress. I suggest any reason that might cause u from not withdrawing when it’s due should be clearly stated to avoid heart brake. Thanks

    1. Indoorearning the money making site, where anyone can trust and invest little to earn big, I so much love this platform in as much we are earning from it we are also getting current news in Nigeria from it….

      I pity those who have the negative balance.. they were not following the rules, can they be pardoned a little to regain their lapses…

      The site is improving but can the fee be 2k ..
      But the admin should still maintain the comment policy

  3. Indoor earning is also a good platform not only that it generate money without stress but also give u access to to daily news in all over the world. I Herby advice that site be upgraded in an app for easy acess

  4. Are you looking for a trusted place to make money, Indoor Earning is one of the best network business I Know, you will be making money only by reading and commenting, What a Wow!!!

    1. Since I joined indoor earning, I am always excited and happy because of the joy of cashing out every two weeks.
      I don’t waste my data again, I will it to make money.

  5. Indoor earning is a unique that boast ur model jobs website to discover and makes money through Reading all the latest news from a small rural town to the whole world wide

    IndoorEarning the step to success
    Sure and trusted site

    1. Indoor earning is a unique platform that helps to fight poverty.
      In indoor earning, you don’t need to be a graduate and you get paid for everything you do in the site.

  6. Indoorearning is the number 1 platform that is trustworthy and legit and pays every day IAC withdrawal is every 1st Friday and every last Friday on the month we are the best indoorearning the best paying site

  7. This’s d best platform iv ever seen…Easy way to make ur money been indoor and busy with ur phone. Quick delivery to payments. (Admin dere’s nothing much bad about d platform except slow network/service connection and dere is alot of advertisement post too)

    So guys If interested, DM me for further information thank you.

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