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  1. First of all I thanks indoor earn for this platform that enable us to make money from it. I don’t really have much to say but the improvement I need here is, I want the site to add a new system we’re by every Friday will have challenges and that the winner will go with a price.. you can start my saying the best ten faster commenter for the and so on would have some presents and there money would be doubled. Or you can say the high referral of the week would get so so and so Present I don’t know if you get my point?

  2. First of all I want to thank to the CEO of this platform their admins and those member that make the platform better everyday although I am a new member here but as I see people comments I 100% sure of this platform may this platform go higher than how we member think…….but my opinion is that all the aic earning should have right to withdraw as their points reach 5k or higher so thank everyone……indoorearning all the way

  3. Thanks to the management of indoorearning for this pleasegreat opportunity. I suggest the IAC earners should be able to withdraw from 10k,to enable people have more interest in the platform.

  4. I dont av much to say than to thanks the indoor earning for making us proud nd also providing a current news for us to know what’s happening in our country.and also thanks the CEO of the indoor earning for trying His possibly best to make sure that the site is Prospering.

    …..Long live indoor earning…..

  5. Thanks to indoor earn, for this platform dat enables us to make money from it to solve our problems, ones again i thanks the admins and those members that’s making dis platform better everyday is really amazing,
    I don’t really have much to say, my opinion is that I suggest the IAC earners should be able to withdraw from 10K, so that it will makes people to have interest in this platform Period

  6. To be paying those that is serious on it and also pay for those that their money is complete to thirty thousand naira, like you said it, thank

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