Hush puppi motivational post before arrest will shock you, see below


Hush puppi is a billionaire based Dubai, we call him naija big boy ,his nick name was Apa puppi, he is from African country Nigerian precisely , it has been reported that hushpuppi was born on lagos state and was all so brought up in the same lagos, he has once explained that back then in lagos he was a great gambler and he likes to play casino. From casino he made money and had to travel to Malaysia where he turned to become a billionaire, As his money keep doubling because he love to live a fancy life style he traveled to different countries in a private jet, he has so many shoes and Gucci wear, even his shoe can be used to start up a shoe shop.

Hushpuppi has bought most of  expensive cars, he has a rolls Royce, Bugatti, top rang rover and others,  he has gone nation wide and had lot of haters as he said but thank God he later explained that some of his haters has invited him and being nice to him ,some even pays his Bill’s.

Recently newsmen report that our own Apa puppi has been arrested at Dubai where he reside now, as reported they said our young billionaire Apa puppi is a fraud as no one knows his primary business that worth his wealth. After three days the prosecutors inchsrge of his case has read out his charges for fraudulent act, and making his money illegal.

It has spread that the billionaire hush puppi has been diverting companies transaction and individuals payment to himself and his team account by email, they send email to companies with other companies name and convince them that they are the company’s staff and financial staffs, they will bill the company and once the recieve the money they close every means of communications with the company, not only companies they do bill individuals too and end up diverting every transaction to their team account.

Now you know about his arrest look at what he wrote down on his Instagram account before he got arrested, that is why they said that no one knows tomorrow that tomorrow is pregnant. Even hushpuppi himself does not know what is going to happen to him in the few hours before writing the motivational message on his Instagram page, it just work as if it has been scheduled by someone and maybe all these mess he is in today might be a setup who knows, as he said he had got lot of haters any way let’s look at his write up on Instagram.

If you take a look at hush puppi Instagram you will see his last motivational post not even knowing it has last post of June, he made this post on 9th June 2020 his post says

(May successes and prosperity not be a what’s upon a time story in your life, thank you lord for many blessings in my life) and he concluded the post with (God continue to shame those that are waiting for me to be shamed).

Hushpuppi was arrested after few hours of publishing this post on Instagram.

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  1. He is not serious, jealous has been in existence but still people are making. Opinion of people does not matter to me, what matters most is what God is saying concerning you

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