Junaid Mohammed: How President Buhari’s attempt to blackmail judiciary failed in 2016

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Dr. Junaid Mohammed, elder statesman and Second Republic federal lawmaker at the weekend said attempts by the Muhammadu Buhari administration to blackmail the judiciary and judges into doing its bidding failed in 2016 due to the outspokenness of Nigerians.

He said criticisms by Nigerians saved judges in the country from being harassed by President Buhari and the Department of State Services in 2016.

It will be recalled that in October 2016, the DSS raided the homes of some judges across the country. It arrested some of them over allegations of corruption. It also claimed that it recovered huge amounts of money, including foreign currencies from at least three of the judges.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen on the need to reform the judiciary, Junaid said what the Buhari administration did in 2016 was not to reform the judiciary but to harass judges into doing the bidding of the government.

“The government under Buhari and the former Director of DSS who came from Daura like the President tried to harass the judiciary into doing their bidding. The judiciary resisted and of course, what saved the judiciary then was the weight of public opinion”.

“People came out and spoke very bluntly and warned the government about the injustice to the judges. What they were trying to do then was not to reform the judiciary. It was trying to blackmail the judiciary and it did not work. How did Lawan Daura who was then the DG of DSS end?”

“I want a leader who will come and accept responsibility and say this is what I want to do and these are my reasons. But going to arrest a man who you have no case against, in my view is not reform. It is an act of gangsterism,” he said.



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