Lady who accused Dbanj of rape reveals more details


The lady, Seyitan Babatayo who accused Nigerian Icon musician, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, also know as D’Banj of raping her has factual how she was illegally held hostage for speaking against her alleged abuser.

Seyitan said she had made a formal complaint at the Gender Desk of the Nigeria Police Force, Lagos Command.

“Yesterday, Monday the 22nd of June, 2020, I, Ms. Seyitan Babatayo, initially made a complaint of rape by D’Banj at the Gender Desk of the Nigeria Police Force Lagos Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja Lagos. This comes after unsuccessfully trying in the past to give the account a detailed account of my experience at Bar Beach Police Station, Victoria Island, on June 6, 2020. That attempt was thwarted by an officer of the law she said police barracks,” her statement on Wednesday said. Listing a timeline of events, she said, “December 30, 2018: D’Banj gained access into my hotel room at midnight while I was asleep, he tainted and raped me.

“3rd June 2020: Following an online post about D’Banj saying not yo rape, I called him out on his pretense, by giving a detailed account of how he raped me in 2018.

“5th June 2020: I publicly shared a document from my lawyer contemplating the situation.

“6 June 2020: I stopped by the police station to make a formal report, but was not attended to.

“15 June 2020: D’Banj through his valid representative published a document in acknowledgment to my lawyer’s document demanding N100m in damages.

“16th June 2020: Four (4) armed policemen stormed my apartment and arrested me without an authorization. They confiscated my phones, other personal effects and imprisoned me in the police cell overnight at IGP-IRT office at Harold Shodipo, Ikeja.

“16th June 2020: A friend reached out to a journalist who had been in connection with me earlier raised the alarm that neither they nor my lawyer could reach me. My mom was also reached to inform her of the ongoing circumstance.

“17th June 2020: With various efforts, I was released from custody after being made to sign to a gag order by the police. I spent the night in a location of D’Banj’s team’s choosing, which was not made known to the public.

“18th June 2020: I was isolated from my family, coerced, pressured, and intimidated in person by D’Banj and his team to retract all statements and announce that my testimony was a publicity stunt.

“Since 18th June 2020, D’Banj through his team has continued to harass me with incessant calls, boasting that he (D’Banj) can buy anyone off within the justice system in Lagos.”

The young lady said Mrs. Akeredolu (SAN), former Attorney-General of Ogun State, has put her full weight behind her and will be providing legal support.

Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

However, D’Banj in an Instagram post on June 22 said he is not guilty. He said, “Innocent until proven guilty. Stop the social media trial. Say no to rape and human rights violation

This whole rape incident in Nigeria started when a lady, Uwa was Raped in a church.

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