Local gin doesn’t cure coronavirus deputy governor of Ekiti state warns

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Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi, the State Deputy Governor of Ekiti has rejected claims in some quarters that drinking local gin popularly known as ogogoro which some people or and believe it or local herbs can prevent Coronavirus.

Egbeyemi urged residents of the state to adhere strictly with COVID-19 protocols and safety tips of wearing a mask and washing their hands, personal hygiene and always clean their environment so as not to fall victims to diseases.

The Deputy Governor who made comments on Saturday while surveying the June edition of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise in Ido/Osi Local Government also frowned against dereliction of face masks by many residents since the lockdown was loosened up in the state.

According to an announcement by the Special Assistant (Media) to the Deputy Governor, Odunayo Ogunmola, Egbeyemi was joined during the exercise by the Head of Service, Mrs Peju Babafemi; Chairman of Ido/Osi Local Government, Mr Ayodimeji Adeola and other senior government functionaries.

Egbeyemi, who stopped over at Ayetoro, Usi and Ido to inform residents on COVID-19, enjoined them to always wear their face masks, wash their hands regularly avoid crowded areas and observe social distancing so as not to fall, victims of the disease, which many of them don’t believe in.

He also said it was odd and disastrous for some individuals, particularly the youths, to believe that drinking Ogogoro can prevent COVID-19 retaining that only subordination to the rules can prevent the same.

Characterizing the belief that ogogoro can preclude COVID-19 as a myth, Egbeyemi urged residents to conspire with the Dr Kayode Fayemi parliament to defeat the illness and ensure a healthy populace in Ekiti.
Egbeyemi who notified youths against indulging in drug invective also indicted them to always deploy their strength to partake in the monthly environmental sanitation as a form of community assistance. He said: “COVID-19 is true and we have heard about many people it has slain including very distinguished and well-known Nigerians who contracted the illness but didn’t survive it.

“Let’s obey COVID-19 rules and procedures of regular hand washing, wearing of face masks, avoiding crowds and observance of physical and social distancing.

“ ogogoro or local herbs can’t prevent COVID-19, having such a belief is an illusion. Let’s us obey all the regulations including wearing face masks which many people have vacated since the lockdown was relaxed, it is for our own good.”

He applauded the youths of Usi who used the period to engage in the improvement of a major community road prompting the council chairman to assist in the formation of the road.

Speaking on his inspection of the exercise, Egbeyemi said there was development in Ido, the council department unlike previous months urging citizens to sustain the tempo.

The Deputy Governor criticized the attitude of commercial motorcyclists in Ado, the state capital, some of whom still defy the constraint warning that punitive actions would be taken against them in subsequent exercises.

Some “Okada Men” met on the roads were turned around while residents engaging in acquiring and selling were forced to close shop till after the exercise.

Towns visited by the Deputy Governor’s monitoring team included Osi, Igbole, Ido, Usi, Ayetoro, Ora, Aaye and Iwaki

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  1. “Let’s obey COVID-19 rules and procedures of regular hand washing, wearing of face masks, avoiding crowds and observance of physical and social distancing.

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