As most of you know me as TonTo Dike ,I’m a little girl growing up with the dream and desire to be a movie star or a reality show organizer
But with a little support and encouragement I gain from my friends and family,I was able to face my fear ,though my parents dislike the profession I choose to pursue .
I had to sneak out of the house to join a movie crew and also to to rehearse on my own on how to present my self to the public .but my challenges was help .I had no fund and opportunity to gresse my career .
One day I went for a movie audition with the help of my friends with I would have loved to mention here but I don’t think it’s necessary ..during the movie audition I met ร lot o movie stars I was having the hope that one of them will help me but yet non was able to call me . though I performed very well during the audition .which made the organizer to be very pleased with my performance .I thought maybe this will make my dream come through but to my greatest surprise I never received a call up from them .this really broke my heart but guess what ! I didn’t give up .
A month after I went for another audition which favoured me .I was featured i my first movie .my parents was happy with me but at the other side they were worried because of the impression they get from people that movie stars are always corrupt ,but at the same time they couldn’t stop me from going into movie making and reality show organizing

I had many and encounter with some movies producers ,as an upcoming actress many of the producers and movie stars wanted sleeping with me but I was well informed of the danger of selling my body to get a role in the movie making .
I stood my grand and refused whiรงh resulted to many hatred and dislike .I had to focus and pray harder for God to send me a destiny helper ,so after some months ,I met a good friend who offered to help me achieve my aim and dream .so after some time I was made a main character of a movie which sold out wide to the entire world ,my dream start coming into reality and this warned me a good stand and respect in the movie industry’ at large .
I received my first honourable award In Germany as the best Africa female actress .my family and friends were very happy and proud of me .wow ! As I exclaimed in my wild thinking . dream come true .this is a little tips on how I made it to the movie industry’ .God is great

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