Nigerians have taken to street of Ghana to protester against Maltreatment

  1. Some Nigerian traders scattered all over Ghana have come out to complain bitterly about the kind of treatment they get from some Ghana citizens.
    Currently, there is tension between Nigeria and Ghana following the demolition of a building belonging to the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana over the weekend, this alone has caused a lot of damages between the two countries. From some throwbacks, this is not the first time they are hating on Nigerians.
    In fact, almost all Africa countries have a Hate thing for Nigerians from Ghana to South Africa the hate doesn’t stop, do Nigerians really deserve this?
    Recall that the Nigerian Government under the administration of President Muhammad Buhari order the closure of borders including the one that leads to Ghana from Nigeria.
    Following the demolitions, some Nigeria protesters on Monday, June 22, Converged on the high commission premises in Accra to register the pain, their fear, the sorrow they are suffering, the hardship they face to even eat, the night cries they wipe not knowing if they will be killed over the night.
    The protesters who were more of Nigerians are also condemning the closure of their business and store in Ghana.
    When they gather to protest some of the Nigerians were chanting ‘’we can’t breathe’’ as they were approaching the newsmen who have to gather from most news agency in Ghana to record and broadcast the pains and sorrows that Nigerians are about to pour out, one of the protesters said that they surviving by friends that give them money and sometimes they give them goods in exchange for food.
    Their shops were closed in the enforcement of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre art (865).
    According to laws implemented by ECOWAS, Nigerians have free movement and are also allowed to sell goods and render services in Ghana, and not to be treated like a prisoner, in fact, all members of ECOWAS has free movement in all west African countries under the forum, as citizens of one of this countries you are allowed to go to Ghana, Mali, Chad and others so long you have an identification to avoid harassment apart from that you can go to any west Africa countries under the umbrella of Ecowas.
    90 days free visa is stamped on your Passport or any identification you provide it has to be valid.
    The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) and particularly Nigerian traders in the country have been having issues for a very long time now, they have been fighting and killing among the two units and of course discrimination, recall the Ghana Must GO story, most Ghana citizens have used this to hold Nigerians and are seeking revenge.
    Even on social media platform they have been fighting between both countries, insult and bully and hate and banters it never ends, let’s leave South Africans out of this their own story is for another day, we can only pray to the government to intervene this matter before it gets out of hand and turns to war between the countries

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