Ondo Government sacks Residents doctors


Ondo state fires Residents doctors at the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital (UNIMETH).

Their sack was declared openly in a letter announcing the suspension of the institution residency training programme from August 1st, 2020. Resident doctors were advised to seek directly employed by the hospital if they want to continue their programme in other institutions where there is an ongoing training program.
The sacking of the Resident doctors might not be unconnected to the last week’s strike effort recently embarked upon by the doctors.

Spokesman of the Ondo ARD, Taiwo Olagbe, listed their pressures to include the requirement of PPE and other security regulations to save their partners from COVID-19, payment of outstanding arrears from September 2019 to May 2020, payment of 50 per cent COVID-19 allowance amongst others.

The letter declaring the suspension dated June 23 and was signed by Director of Administration of UNIMETH, Adeeyo Babatunde said it was to allow the hospital focused on assistance delivery in order to combat COVID-19 eruption without the distraction of turmoil from the Resident Doctors.

The letter said some Resident doctors might be deemed for re-admission when the programme recommenced.

Chief Medical Director of UNIMEDTH, Dr Oluwole Ige, crashed the Residents doctors saying they were more eager in unionism than commitment to work.Dr. Ige Ige said the Residents doctors were the most disruptive group to the growth of the hospital despite earning the best pay package among another group of doctors in the hospital.

He talked to at the commissioning of the first dialysis centre in Akure, the State capital created by Lions Club International, District 404A1. Dr Igenoted d that the good things occurring at the hospital were being surpassed by the continual agitation of the resident doctors.

He also added that the Resident doctors earn the best pay package among the four groups of doctors in the hospital with the additional advantage of training and progressing to be a specialist. That has been the most disruptive group in the development of the clinic.

“They have overstated and gradually impaired the questions of their salary to the extent of putting the clinic administration and government into humiliation.

“The activity programme might be postponed until such a time that it will be facilitative to train without rancour,” Dr.Ige noted the cost of dialysis in the centre was the inexpensive in the region and as such the common man would not need to travel outer Akure for renal treatment.

District Governor of Lions Clubs, Adekunle Adedipe, said the renal centre was built with allotment from the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) and the Ondo State Government.

Adedipe said they opted to assemble the dialysis centre after carrying out a needs assessment in various neighbourhoods and found out that Akure lacked practical dialysis centre despite the rise in renal ailments.

He noted that further findings indicated that renal victims in critical conditions were ferried to Ondo town or Owo for treatment.

He said the LCIF provided take-off grant of $106,533 and supported with N10m from the Ondo State Government.

Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu who delegated dialysis centre divulged that the centre would be run by a personal consortium for effective service delivery.

Akeredolu noted that Adedipe was devoted to donating a life-saving undertaking to the state during his one year stay as District Governor.

He said the state hospital would soon initiate renal transplant. Dr Olagbe characterized their sacking as a hoax that cannot hold any moisture and could crumble the health sector in the state.

Olague said comments from the CMD were unfortunate and awful stating that their agitations were genuine because of non-payment of salários and arrears.

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