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Oniru: no tolerance of violence in my palace

The Oniru of Iru Kingdom, Oba Gbolahan Lawal, has regurgitated his viewpoint against any form of violence, lawlessness and recourse to self-help.

Oba Lawal’s viewpoint which was included in a statement issued from his media office yesterday pursuing an incident which arose within the Oniru Estate neighbourhood close to Millennium Estate Gates. It assumed in a conversation between some officials of the Oniru’s Palace and a faction.

From the story gathered from the announcement, the team of palace officials led by one Prince Murisiku Ajasa was allegedly accosted by the group and some other persons while the palace officials were on a routine examination to supervise work being done by an inventory and reckoning group from the palace.

In the ensuing hot argument, it was alleged that the group led by a prince slapped the leader of the palace officials who avenged with a heavy slap and then a little chaos occurred in the palace before the Police intervened.

The Oniru of the land HRM Oba Abdul Wasiu Omogbolahan Lawal has been formally instructed of this incident, and he has instantly ordered an inquiry into both the incident and the conduct of the Palace officials, which is a very bad behaviour for people in traditional powers to do it shows disunity and can lead to local wars as it has done some many times in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, depending on the type of issue been deliberated upon most cases or issues concerning lands has always led to local war.

“His Majesty has continually stated that he would not withstand or accept any acts of turmoil, criminality and recourse to self-help,” the statement said.

The honour of the king is at stake when the people continue to fight in his palace, he had made mention that he would treat everyone as his subject and no favourite person what so ever, he has promised to follow the rules that govern their tradition with utmost transparency.

The statement said the Oniru has ordered the suspension of the officers involved in the incident pending, that is both the person that slapped and the person that was slapped and other officials who actually came forward continue the fight instead of separating it, further investigation by the Divisional Police Officer of Area J.

“ the subversive offence to the authority of the Oniru and blasphemy of tradition, the Oniru warned Palace officials to remain emotionally stable in the clearance of their duties, even in the face of provocation, he also warned them not to carry out duty with hate and envy for each other as it would tear the community apart.

“In expansion, he sees no reason or excuse for constant hate and violence in Iru Land. Following, Kabiyesi has authorized the Palace Administrator to instantly suspend the official implicated in the incident pending a full inquiry.

“His Majesty enjoins all groups to desist from all aspects of unrest and uphold stability, statute and decree,” the announcement added.

The Oniru said the constitution should ride its full circuit despite the palace administrative efforts already put up with.


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