President Donald Trump to suspend US work visa till end of the year

Donald Trump, the president of the united states will prolong a ban on US work permits till the end of the year and broaden it to include H-1B visas used widely in the technology industry, the White House confirmed.
A senior administration official told newsmen the move would make available over 500,000 jobs making a dent in the high rate of unemployment in the country as a result of coronavirus disease.
An official who chooses to remain anonymous told the press that Trump is focused on getting Americans back to work as early as possible.
Trump had endlessly touted a strong economy but now finds himself desperate for a boost in his political career due to the upcoming election in November.
His executive order, signed Monday afternoon will extend and widen the 60-day freeze he had placed on new work permits for non-US citizens two months ago.
The administration official said that the new order by Trump would extend to the end of 2020 and include H-1B visas provided to 85,000 workers and each year with special skills, and many of them usually join the US technology industry.
It will also cover most J visas common for academics and researchers and L visas used by companies to shift workers based overseas to their US offices.
The official also revealed that the order was necessary to respond to the high rate of coronavirus caused by lockdown to curtail the spread of coronavirus.
He went further to stress that the H-1B visa freeze was temporary while the program is restructured, shifting from an annual lottery that feeds coders and another specialist to silicon valley to a system that gives priority those foreign workers with the most value.
Trump is going to prioritize those workers who are offered the highest wages to show that they can add more value to the US economy the official added. It will also eliminate competition with Americans in these industries at the entry-level and will do more to get the best and the brightest.

The United States has been in chaos for almost 2 weeks now following the death of a black man George Floyd who was by Minneapolis police officers, in fact, the world at large have joined in the protest currently trending “Black Lives Matter”,  adding that most Americans have filed for unemployment which was as a result of both large and small  enterprise getting lock down because of the high rate of contacting the corona virus in the United States.

So far America is the top chain of both the highest number of death and cases in the world, they have since pasted the bench mark of 1 million cases and are their way to one million five hundred cases, but this is not what matters right now to most Americans as they are seen protesting and not keeping social distancing meant to protect them the grip of corona virus.

Most domestic and international flights are shut down all over the world waiting for ease of the lockdown

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