Ready To Fight Them Again”: Afghan lady, 15, United Nations agency Killed Taliban Gunmen

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Ready To Fight Them Again”: Afghan lady, 15, United Nations agency Killed Taliban Gunmen

An Afghan lady United Nations agency shot dead 2 Taliban fighters when they gunned down her oldsters same she was able to confront the other insurgents United Nations agency may attempt to attack her.
Qamar Gul, 15, killed the militants after they stormed her home last week in a very remote village within the central province of Ghor.

“I now not worry them and i am able to fight them once more,” Gul told AFP by phonephone from a relative’s home, wherever she was being watched by guards.

A photo of Gul movement with a gun has circulated on-line, with several laudatory her actions and job for her safe passage out of the country.

It was regarding time of day once the Taliban arrived, Gul said, narration the events of that night.

She was asleep in her space along with her 12-year-old brother once she detected the sound of men pushing at the door of their house.

“My mother ran to prevent them however by then that they had already broken the door,” Gul said.

“They took my father and mother outside and shot them many times. i used to be terrified”.

But moments later, “anger took over”.

“I picked up the gun we tend to had reception, visited the door and shot them,” said Gul, United Nations agency was tutored by her father a way to fireplace AN AK-47 machine rifle.

Her brother stepped in once one in all the insurgents, United Nations agency perceived to be the group’s leader, tried to come back fireplace.

“My brother took the gun from Maine and hit (shot) him. The fighter ran away burned, solely to come back later,” Gul said,

By then, many villagers and pro-government militiamen had came across the house. The Taliban eventually fled following a drawn-out firefight.


The big apple Times reportable Wed that the killings at Gul’s home conjointly concerned a family feud — which one in all the attackers was Gul’s own husband.

The paper, quoting Gul’s relatives and officers, same he was seeking her “forcible return” when a falling-out along with her family.

Officials told AFP the Taliban had return to kill Gul’s father, United Nations agency was the village chief, as a result of he supported the govt.

The insurgents frequently kill villagers they think of being informers for the govt or security forces, with Taywara district, wherever Gul’s remote village is found, the scene of near-daily clashes between government forces and therefore the Taliban.

“I am proud I killed my parents’ murderers,” she said. “I killed them as a result of they killed my oldsters, and conjointly as a result of I knew they might return on behalf of me and my brother.”

Gul regrets she was unable to mention bye to her mother and father.

“After I killed the 2 Taliban, I visited sit down with my oldsters, however they weren’t respiratory,” she said. “I feel unhappy, I couldn’t sit down with them one last time.”

Hundreds of folks on social media area unit difficult the govt shield her, with some job for her to be sent outside of Islamic State of Afghanistan.

“I demand that the president facilitate transfer her to a secure place as her and her family’s security is in danger,” distinguished women’s rights activist and former lawgiver Fawzia Koofi wrote on Facebook.

Munera Yousufzada, a defence ministry official, same Gul’s “brave act” was a message to the Taliban from Afghan girls.

“The Taliban should realise and apprehend that today’s girls area unit completely different than the ladies throughout their rule,” she same on Twitter.

“If you actually wish to guard her, then send her abroad. If she involves capital of Afghanistan for even 2 days… she’s going to be killed,” Zoya Amini, a resident of capital of Afghanistan, wrote on Facebook.

President Ashraf Ghani conjointly praised Gul for “defending her family against a remorseless enemy”, his spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi told AFP.

A Taliban spokesperson has confirmed AN operation came about within the space of the attack, however denied any of the group’s fighters had been killed by a girl.


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