Single mum commits suicide after lamenting on Facebook

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A woman committed suicide in Port Harcourt after she posted a disappointment message on Facebook lamenting how people didn’t take things seriously.

The teoman in question, identified as Princess Eloho Bello is a single mother of a son whose identity was not disclosed to protect him, the mum took to Facebook to lament and pour out her heart. She wrote a message that was sad but ended it with a smiley emoji.

In her post, she called out people who make promises to people or who give people assurance that they will get back to them with an appointment to solve the issue or problem they cried to them about.

She also made it clear that most people live on that promises and cutting off the promise is like killing them and it’s not funny but she ended it with an emoji, this emoji caused misunderstanding and misinterpretation among her friends who felt she was just sad or quoting life lesson.

Eloho who has been under a counsellor and had purchased a book from him in 2018 seems to be doing fine after the post but the Counsellor, Victor Ibeh felt otherwise, according to him the Facebook post from Eloho has a deep sadness in it and only if he had saw it he could have made a reach out.

Victor also revealed that the lady has been on his email list for the past five years and that he felt the world has failed her and he called on people to watch each other backs and not every smiling face is happy.

according to reports reaching us, Eloho has been complaining about how bad she was affected by the pandemic and how she has become very sad and lonely and depressed, she had been sitting at home and it has driven her crazy, she could take it anymore when she reached out to people but was disappointed instead.
she has also saved up money to use for her business before the world was shut down by corona virus pandemic and her staying at home had led her to eat up her savings.
she resulted to killing her self because she kept getting disappointed and frustrated by how people treated her request, she took her own life by drinking bleach and Dettol leaving behind and son who is probably 14 or 15 years old, the single mum could have considered her son before taking her life she has left behind. currently, there is no information about the boy’s father.

Tribute from family and friends are been posted and everyone expressing their shock to see such calm and jovial person committing suicide.
Another counsellor, Counsellor Sharon on Facebook who saw the news called out ladies that are single not to blame themselves or hate on themselves, she advised them to let the fact that they are single to make them think the world is against them and they should not take their life out of frustration. she pleaded that people say away from depressing things.

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