The first musician to survive corona virus see below as he Thank God


Azadus was the first musician to have survived corona virus in Nigeria after davido David adeleke’s fiancee get recovered, Azadus was born early 70s and he make us know he is a Christian, He said he look like his father and also behaves like his father in terms of dressing and swag, he also told us he got his musical style and genre from his mother and he has been going that way as he is talented and gotten his talent from his mother, firstly before I forget his real name are Olalekan Fadeyi.

Reported that he started his hiphop career in the years 1995, he has gone lot of musical hunts because of his melodious voice, It was reported that azadus got infected of corona virus some months ago and was under treatment for few weeks, azadus while on self isolation was still communicating with his fans on Instagram, he keep telling his fans how he feel and how he is recovering.

About some days ago azadus has came back proudly to his instagram account that he is fully recovered of Corona virus and he can now come back home and live his normal life with normal people, azadus expressed alot of joy within him as he writes a massage to all his fans on Instagram saying

”he is grateful to God for life after surviving a COVID-19 infection in Lagos”

He also wrote on some speech of his experience while on isolation and treatment with the deadly virus, he keep on encouraging his followers to take care of them selves to prevent the contact of corona virus as it is very deadly and dangerous.

He also said that he knows many people or anyone can doubt of the Corona virus being in Nigeria but he said he is telling the truth out of experience, he said that there was a time he thought that Corona virus in Nigeria was a fake but now he has seen and battled with the virus it self ,Thank God i won and survive.

He also said that if you think that he is telling lies you should contact him and he will tell you everything you need to know and even show you proof and if possible tested with you just for you to believe, see his post on instagram

β€œMeanwhile, if you insist that Covid-19 is not real, Covid-19 is not in Nigeria or Africa, haaaaaaaaaa well, don’t be shy to ask me questions. Please kindly say a word of prayer for @lagosstategovt under our super caring Governor @jidesanwoolu. God bless.”

After this massage of his on all his social medias he has gotten lot of engagement on his post ,lot of doubts on lot of calls and direct messages as reports may be. Many still believe he is on a plan with the government and accuse davido adeleke and fiancee for being among the plan as many believe there is zero case of Corona virus in Nigeria.

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