Tramadol is fuelling insurgency in North East – NDLEA chairman

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The chairman and chief executive officer of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Muhammad Abdallah on Thursday, June 25 stated that the insurgency witnessed in the North-East region of the country is fuelled by tramadol abuse that is causing the youth of the community and the North east states to be reckless and restless.

Abdallah said this ahead of an International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking organized for June 26 with the theme “Better Knowledge for Better Care”. Join the fight he added

The NDLEA leader who called for a united stance on the fight against drug abuse divulged that tramadol is the most abused opiate in the country.

Abdallah said;

“The government of India has upped its ante; they have now put more control on the supply of tramadol to Nigeria.

“Tramadol, if I will explain a little bit more, for normal medicinal dosage is between 50mg and 100mg. But the ones we have seen in Nigeria range from 200mg to like 500mg. Even a horse will be slacker by the time it takes that.

“But that is what Nigerians have been taking. That is what fuels insurgency in the north-east because theatre commandants have confirmed to me that every Boko Haram camp they have overrun, they found gear of drug abuse, particularly tramadol.

“The whole average of drug abuse in nations is 5%. In Nigeria, it is getting to 15%. That is not a data or a statistic we should be happy with.”

He further disclosed that the federal government has taken some steps in dealing with the challenges faced in the fight against drug abuse, and this includes authorizing an upgrade on the staff courage of the agency. What tramadol does is to make one feel no pain like they are untouchable, they get addicted easily and once they can’t get the drugs they put up a fight and can even kill for it.

Abdallah added;

“On the part of the government, it has taken some steps to ameliorate some of the deficiencies of the agency. For a start, Mr. President has authorized an upgrade on the staff strength of the agency.

“A staff strength of 5,000, without being told, is not a staff strength that can fight drugs the way it should be fought in Nigeria.

“Let me just mention three local governments – you know Mushin in Lagos, you know Fagge in Kano or even Nyanya in Abuja; I could deploy all of that strength to these places including me and there will still be some loopholes for trafficking and abuse to go on in the areas. These areas are topping the list for having the highest number of drug trafficking in Nigeria, of course, they are others that were not mentioned.

“That is why the president has approved the upgrade in phases. Following this will be logistics and equipment which come naturally with the upgrade of personnel.”
Tramadol was supposed to be taken for high pains that normal paracetamol can’t reduce but people now use it for pleasure sake.

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