Twitter influencer and Nigerian Medical Doctor has been called out for rape crime


Nigerian doctor and Twitter influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo has been called out by a female comrade for sexually abusing her.

The UK-based Nigerian doctor, @bola_aseyan who accused Olufunmilayo of being a different person from what he presents online, added that she has evidence of all he allegedly did to her.

She further disclosed that she didn’t press charges earlier because it will make him lose his license as a medical doctor.

She tweeted;

A woman can only condone so much invective from a man. A fully different persona online, and a truly terrible man in person, an abuser to say the least, both sexually and emotionally. A human can only tolerate so much!

I have proof all this insanity. And God in heaven knows I dread the adverse type of attention but people deserve to know what a horrible human being this man is!!!! Horribly terrible!!!!

Now you are appointing people to call me and speak to me ba?!!! You are calling frantically. When you were sexually and emotionally abusing, you didn’t know it would utilize to this. Because Bola doesn’t air dirty laundry, Bola is private, you think I’m stupid??!

Your fav influencer has sexually and emotionally harmed me for so long, and I’ve been keeping it. I didn’t want to say anything because I DESPERATELY didn’t want to be in the news for anything bad here. I kept telling myself it would be over soon. I cannot take it anymore!

Everyone is warning me to consider his profession and not say anything, I shouldn’t say anything. How about how I feel? Every time. I’m tired. I haven’t done a thing to merit this. I have boarded a formal complaint with the police today! I cannot and will not take this anymore!

We are both doctors. Both of us. And I’ve been too nice just because I guessed it would end soon. You bully me every time. You know I hate social media issues and you have a lot of followers so it’s okay to do all these to me ba? Right!!

I didn’t press charges, only because you would lose your license to practise, and I cannot bear to carry that much guilt in my heart. Even with everything that you’ve done, I’m still not a mean spirited person. I leave you to God to judge you, and my head will judge you!!!

I am uncomfortable, to say the least at those who think my life circumstance is a gist that’s waiting to happen. You think I’m tweeting with readiness and happiness. You think I want to be in this position or it’s a joke. I am hurting. I am sad and I’ve never thought it’ll resort to this

I use God to beg our fellow medical doctors in my DM inquiring me not to tweet or let it go. Please and please, they won’t injure your children. Pls, don’t give me unasked advice. I didn’t press charges even though the cops here in the UK asked me to, don’t push it.

Your favourite online influencer also a medical doctor in the UK who always has an opinion on every topic on Twitter, he is chastely upright on the Internet, yet does the exact opposite of what he preaches online, preaching against rape and doing the exact opposite in person.

Dr FUNMILAYO is the accused!



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