Why I Can’t Spend A Night In My Home Town – Ndume

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The Senator representing Borno south, Ali Ndume has lamented that he can’t go to his hometown because it is unsafe to do so.

While speaking yesterday at a meeting organised by the senate committee on special duties and the North East Development Commission (NEDC) in Maiduguri, Ndume narrated how Boko Haram insurgents killed more than 70 people in one night during a raid on his hometown in Gwoza local government area.

He added that if the senate ccommitteewouldn’t mind the timing,  they should take time to go round some of the camps and even the nearby Konduga local government area, adding that they would all better understand what the people are facing.

“Even as a serving senator, I still cannot go to Gwoza my hometown because it is not safe.

He said despite the facts that security Operatives were trying their best, the  situation is overwhelming, adding that people are dying every day, either from attacks or as a result of hunger.

He said  “There was a time in my hometown, Gwoza, that about 75 elders, most of whom I know personally, were dragged by Boko Haram to the town’s abattoir and slaughtered like animals. Only two persons survived because their bodies were covered with other people’s’ blood and the assailants thought they were dead.

In the same Gwoza, Boko Haram had in a single day lined up young men and summarily shot them dead. These were just some standout cases.

Repeated attacks in the north have led to insecurity in states like Borno, despite the efforts of the military to bring the situation under control.


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